- God creates everyone with a talent he always enjoying while he practices and does not feel the time nor tired while he is doing it.

- That thing makes you always have a passion to learn something that serves your talent.

- And I think one of the secrets to success is that your work matches your talent

- Since I was young, I loved drawing and music, and everything artistic naturally attracted me, 

- I got loved by the drawing teachers throughout all school levels.

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- When I joined the Architecture department at the engineering college, 

- I participated in the university's painting exhibitions and joined the choir, where I learned traditional Arabic music.

- That experience gives me a sense of syncing music with visuals.

- Two years before graduation, I met a theater director and he was very impressed with my work

- I worked in the “Hanger Theater” in the “Cairo Opera House” in the field of scenography and theatrical decoration,


- Where there was an idea to present the decorations during the show through a projector instead of making them in carpentry workshops.

- This led space of creativity to create videos that serve the show by animating the director's drawings behind the actors and design a variety of backgrounds.


I started to work in the Broadcast field in the Egyptian Media City,

- After 4 years of working, I became the art director in the digital department of the CBC channel.

- Then I moved to work in the Advertising field on agencies that makes me learn other tools based on the creative director's requests.

- Then in the Entertainment field in Saudi Arabia.


- Where I combined engineering and graphics, where I worked with a group A wonderful artist, architects.


- I shared my talent in designing and creating a video projection on the exhibition facades.

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To be continued...

I am enjoying my journey, and I hope God helps me with every step I take in life and gives me the inspiration of creativity in a way that benefits people and makes them see the world from a different perspective.

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